Introduce you to the best properties  and assist you in your administrative procedures:


  • Choice of notary: support until completion of the purchase and obtaining the Land Title and certificate from the Office des Changes
  • Arrangement of the acquisition: purchase in person or in legal entity; off-shore company assembly.
  • Connections for construction, renovation, decoration with recognized professionals.


  • We negotiate your property at the best price in relation to the market.
  • We identify potential buyers as to their ability to acquire.
  • We then support you in obtaining your tax clearance and re-exporting your funds abroad.
  • Our organization allows us to be at your service 7 days a week knowing that our clients are not always available during the week to come and visit our properties for sale.

Our rule: discretion.
Our concern: efficiency
We listen to your suggestions and criticisms with the sole aim of always serving you better.


Several subsidiaries of French banks exist in Morocco: Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, BNP (BMCI), Banque Populaire.
How to open a bank account:
Non-residents can open an account in convertible dirhams and / or an account in euros.
All you need is a valid passport.
Funds transferred from abroad can be re-exported without authorization.
To make transfers from abroad, you must obtain the IBAN code of your Moroccan account as well as the SWIFT code of the bank.
From abroad when you make your transfer, specify the cause: real estate purchase, personal transfer ...
Residents (over 183 days in the territory) with a residence permit can open an account in dirhams. Funds deposited or transferred to this account are not exportable.


State banking body that records transfers from abroad and authorizes the re-export of funds invested in Morocco
When you buy real estate, the foreign exchange office assigns you a number guaranteeing the traceability of your investments.
When reselling your goods in Morocco, this slip from the Office des Changes will be used to transfer the proceeds of the sale as well as the realized capital gains (less the tax on real estate profits).

This is the higher of the following two amounts:
- 3% of the sale price
- 20% of realized capital gains It is payable at the latest one month after the signing of the deed of sale.
It makes it possible to obtain the fiscal discharge necessary for the re-export of the invested funds.


All sales must go through a notary.
All goods sold must be titled
We can proceed by a sales agreement or a direct sale.
The compromise is valid for a maximum of three months.
The buyer usually deposits 5% of the sale price into the notary's escrow account.
The balance is paid when the deed is signed.
The funds paid are paid to the seller only after registration of the deed with the Land Conservation.
The notary is solidary with the seller as regards the payment of the TPI.

The notary and registration fees are around 6.5%

The agency fees are 2.5% HT (3% TTC) paid by the seller and 2.5% HT (3% TTC) paid by the buyer.


It is allocated at the request of the interested parties after submission and examination of an administrative file.
The first card issued is usually one year.
Its issuance is also conditioned by the income available to applicants to live in Morocco.

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